Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am laying in my bed with Angel curled up beside me. Sam and Mom have decided to take on the task of moving his room downstairs. Which means all of his crap is getting cleaned up and then moved downstairs. And then we have to lug everything else up here from down there. Basically the whole transformation is going to result in his room down there and a bonus room up here. Which will be pretty sweet.
 Day 1 of fall break has basically been extra sleep (yes!!) and cleaning (no!!). But I did my share by cleaning the kitchen so I'm good.

Last night, Olivia and I had an interesting expereience after church. We had to go meet her mom in the main building (we were in the student building) and I had the bright idea of going around the back of the building for a change. The back side of the church is in the process of being completed. There they are almost done with the new CCS (the church's school). There aren't any lights back there...

As we were walking, we got to the end of the sidewalk where they are trying to grow grass. All of a sudden, Olivia grabs my arm and says


Me- "What??"

Olivia- "Do. You. See. That???"

I looked over where she was pointing.

Me- "That pipe?"

Olivia- "No!!!"

It was black, but I couldn't really tell what it was.

Me- "Is that a cat? Oh it's nothing...  come on..."''

All of a sudden, I saw it move.

Olivia- "IT JUST MOVED!!!"

Then I saw two evil, beady eyes. I then saw a white stripe down the middle of the black creature. It was then that I realized what it was.

Me- OH MY GOSH!!!! IT'S A SKUNK!!! RUN!!!!!

We took off running and screaming and laughing in the opposite direction and didn't stop until we were at least 150 yards from it.

Needless to say, I am very glad that I did not spend the rest of my night in a bath of tomato juice.


  1. that would have stunk! in both ways!! im glad you got away, or yes you would have spent a lot of time in the shower last night. :)

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