Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tech Week

I am now on the crew of the one act play Trophies. We are going to a competition with it on Friday, which means I'll be missing school for the whole day. The bad part is that our call time is at 7:45 in Cookeville, which is also inn a different time zone, so it's 6:45 our time. The drive is 90 minutes. So we'll be leaving around 5 am. Which means getting up at 4:30 at least... But it will be ok. We won't get back until 7:00 pm, so no biology test for meeee!!! If we win or place highly in this competition, we move on to state!!!

Despite almost meeting my demise on Monday, tech week has been a lot of fun and a lot of work! How did I almost die? What is tech week?

Tech week is the entire week before competition during which the crew practices setup and take down 300 million times. I have the glamorous job of moving a couch to and fro, as well as putting a table in place and then setting the telephone on it and a glass. Oh yeah, and I have the degrading freshie job of being a sitter- which means we have to stand (not sit) for the 45 minute entirety of the play BEHIND the set, just to make sure nothing bad happens (such as a wall falling over and crushing our beloved senior actors and actresses.) All of the sitters are freshmen because that's the way it is. NO ONE else wants this job.  Personally,  I don't really mind!
I almost died on Monday because one of the flats (aka walls) was not clamped or bolted. Michael was walking through and he tripped on it, sending it off balance and falling on me. Lucky for me and my intelligence, the wall was not yet complete and therefore looked like a grid, so it had empty spaces. My head went through one of them thankfully, but the rest of the flat crashed down on my shoulder. Not very fun.... But everyone knows my name now!!
I am really enjoying this experience! I get to bond with some of the most amazing upperclassmen during rehearsels and yesterday, when we finished most of the painting.
I am happy to report that today I stood up from about 7:30 am to 8:45 pm. I feel the burn! Just kidding, I'm not that fat.


  1. thats really early. have fun on your competition and i wish you the best of luck!

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