Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yeah, yeah I know. I haven't been on here in a while. It's probably been over a month!! Sadly, this is definitely the sign that high school is getting to me. I come home, take a nap or just lay around, and then I do homework for 3 hours, then dinner, then sleep. It's pretty sad.
 But today and for the rest of the week, I am OUT of school to do as I wish. So this morning, I took Sam over on the greenway, where we met up with Hannah and Halley and we all walked to Dunkin Donuts. It was a lot of fun! And of course there was a twist. Their neighbor's dog followed them out of the neighborhood and then followed us all the way to Dunkin, but me, being the resourceful person that I am, found some rope around a tree and tied it around the dog's collar. It was one of the weirdest dogs I have ever seen, because it like walked sideways. It was probably skitzophrenic or hallucinating because it walked around like it was looking for someone who was following him. Anyway, that was just weird.

We're not doing anything for Thanksgiving, as usual. But it's a very pretty day here, so I think I'm going to enjoy the weather!

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