Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just My Luck...

   Well, we got out of school on Thursday!! And it would be nice to chill for once but of course, I have walking pneumonia! Which just continues my neverending tradition of getting sick or having something go wrong over a break from school. Landon and I went to the ER on Friday night around 10, put on our matching hospital gowns and sat there and waited in the rooms (seperated by a curtain) next to eachother. He had already been on medication for it for a week, but since it wasn't going away, Mom dragged him along to the hospital too. we both had x-rays and I was declared to have the same thing he did.
   Yesterday was the worst because I felt like crap!! I slept from 12 am to 1 pm and only got up once to eat dinner. Everything hurt from my head to my legs and I just spent most of the time taking light naps. So I basically spent my whole day in bed.
 I have been on my meds for two days and I am starting to feel a lot better! Which is great because I'm leaving the day after Christmas for a semi-family reunion in North Carolina. We're renting a condo next to my uncle's right on the beach, and though it will be too cold for swimming or laying in the sun, just being near the beach is enough for me!


  1. im soo sorry... i got pink eye on friday if it makes you feel any better and woke up saturday with my eye goop-ed shut. :( hope you dont get anyone sick while your w/ ur family! merry christmas!! :)

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