Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow? No.

The sad thing about living where I do is that the counties right above us intercept all of the snow. Tomorrow, it is supposed to snow 3-6 inches (wow...) and everyone thinks that we will get out of school. Yeah right! The superintendent is from Boston, and if we do anything, we'll end up getting out at 1 or 2. So I guess that's what I'm hoping for!

 I know, I know. I haven't blogged in a while. But I have been so busy! My birthday was on Tuesday, the 26th (yay!) and I turned 15. I had a great dinner and an awesome home made ice cream cake! I am planning on getting my permit sometime within the next week or so.
  Another big event coming up this weekend is D-Now. It is a huge amazing thing at my church each year. Everyone is divided by age and sex, and then down into groups of about 12-15 people. The groups all stay at different host homes that have been volunteered away by parents and church members. We go to church on Friday and get everything ready. Then we have our first session (worship and lesson) and then we go to the host home and have our small group talk. Same thing Saturday morning and night, and in the middle of the day, we have some sort of activity. Then on Sunday, we all pack up and have our last session that morning. The fun thing is that you're with people your own age and everyone brings snacks and cereal and drinks and we just have fun!

 This semester is much easier than last semester. I have Theatre, Honors English, World History, and Family/Consumer Science (home ec). Today we had our first big performance in theatre. We had to write a 3 page script for two people, and I wrote a great script about a kleptomaniac (someone who has a constant urge to steal) going on a job interview. Here it is!

The Interview

(May Steele walks into the office. May and Allison greet each other, shake hands.)

May: Thank you so much for this opportunity. With the tough economy and all, I haven’t had a job since my last… incident.

Allison: No, thank you. We had a major problem with our last employee… She had some major honesty issues. Hopefully you are the one we’ve been looking for!

(May gives a nervous look. Allison motions to the chairs, they both sit down.)

Allison: So, where was your previous place of employment and what were your job responsibilities?

May: Well… I worked at a toy store, but to be honest, the kids didn’t like me too much. So, they put me on inventory, like stocking stuff… But not everything got stocked, if you know what I mean.

(May gives a nervous laugh.)

Allison: I see… So how long did you work there?

May: Um… Well, you know, about a month or so. Until they figured out something was going on…

Allison: Oh… So did you resign or were you let go?

May: Well… they tried to fire me, but I told them that I was resigning. It was a…mutual agreement.

Allison: Ok then, let’s move on. What previous experience have you had that might have prepared you for this position?

May: What job is this again?

Allison: (sighs) You are interviewing for a position at a bank. You will help keep track of and organize the money.

May: Oh, yeah, right… Well, I worked at a jewelry store for a while. Some high-ticket items came in and out of there… More out than in if you know what I mean…

(Allison drops pen, bends down to pick it up. May swipes a few office supplies off of the desk. Allison rises.)

Allison: Wait, did you…? Never mind… I’m sorry, what was your name again?

May: May. May Steele.

Allison: May Steele??

(May shifts uncomfortably in chair, gives a nervous laugh.)

May: Funny story… When I was first born, I stole the rattle from the baby that was next to me in the nursery. My mama had a great sense of humor, so she named me May. May Steele.

(May laughs nervously.)

May: So do you get it?

Allison: Yeah… Ok then, thanks for the story… Anyway, do you have any conditions we should be aware of?

May: Um… well besides getting dropped on my head when I was a wee little one… I am on some medication for one small problem…

Allison: Which is…?

May: Well, I’m kind of a… Whoa!! Did you see that?!?

(May points enthusiastically toward the curtain behind Allison. Allison looks toward the curtain.)

Allison: What is it?!?

(May swipes some picture frames off of the desk. Allison turns back around.)

Allison: (sighs) Look, you are required to tell us if you have any problems that could affect your ability to perform at your highest level.

May: I’m a, uh… Kleptomaniac…

Allison: You’re a what??

May: A kleptomaniac…

Allison: Why would you even interview for a job at a bank, when you have a problem with impulsive theft??

May: Well, I though I would give it a shot…

Allison: Ugh, get out!!!

(May quickly rises, grabs the chair she was sitting in, and leaves with a bulging purse and the chair. She grabs a cash register on her way out.)


  1. very beautiful. but quite wrong about the snow! woo hoo!! sleep, extra time to work on that geometry homework, and of course catch up on those american idol episodes that are collecting on the DVR

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