Sunday, February 21, 2010

That's Not the Way I Roll

Every day I look around and see people who are obviously putting on a show and pretending to be people that they really aren't. And you know what? I always try to pray that they can find themselves and then act normal. Because life's too short to be anyone else (haha). Putting on a performance every day just to fit into a stereotype is not the way I roll.

 Another thing is that people are snobbish in their own ways even if they aren't popular because everyone seems to hate everyone else who is out of their group. And, once everyone separates into their groups, there's no breaking in. I  feel bad for the new kids because they go from group to group and the people on the inside look at them and decide for themselves which place that kid belongs. It's just completely superficial judgement. And sadly, even though I don't want to be, I am one of those judges. Every person does it immediately; there's no avoiding it. But as soon as I write someone off to be a pot head, emo, nerdy loser, or preppy airhead, I kick myself for doing it. Even though they don't deserve to be judged, they get it. And so do I. I am judged just as harshly as everyone else. And if I have to be in a stereotypical group, at least I'm in a good one: the Christians.

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