Monday, April 19, 2010

Twilight Film (for theatre)

Forbidden love. Rebellion. Vampires. These three ideas began to sweep the nation once Stephanie Meyer started to release her books in the Twilight saga. Teenage girls went vampire crazy and became obsessed with the thought of other mythical beasts, such as werewolves. In November 2008, Twilight turned into a movie, and for months, fans flocked to theaters like mindless moths to bright lights. Though the movie Twilight was wildly popular, I would never recommend it to anyone in their right mind. This film has without a doubt made my list of the worst films ever made.

One of the biggest mistakes that director Catherine Hardwicke made was the people she chose to cast. She took a big risk by choosing lesser known actors, and unfortunately, this is what ruined most of the movie. Though Robert Pattinson became an instant teenage heartthrob, his lead performance as the vampire Edward gave us nothing to love; his acting was monotonous and one sided. Another leading actor with the same problem was Kristen Stewart, who played Bella. Her acting was dull, uninteresting, and I had a hard time believing in her character. Sadly, the other up and coming supporting actors were not provided with an opportunity to prove themselves as worthy because the two lead characters overshadowed them with their lack of acting technique and skill.

The writers of this movie do not deserve a compliment either, because they also did a terrible job. Their adaptation and transformation of the book into the movie was unsatisfying and boring, They left out multiple parts of the novel which made the flow choppy and hard to follow. I must admit that changing a book into a movie can be a difficult task, but frankly, I believe that one of the Twilight fans could have completed the transformation more efficiently and also could have written a better script. The movie was predictable and not well thought out.

Some of the most exciting parts of the book were the fight scenes. Stephanie Meyer illustrated very compelling and interesting action scenes in the novel, and I did not feel like the excitement was captured and then carried out in the movie. The scene with the evil vampire and Bella in the empty ballet studio was pathetic. The special effects and stunts that were attempted and failed included the shifting and destruction of the hardwood floors and mirrors, the crazy vampire jumps, and the parts where Bella held on to Edward's neck while he ran and jumped. They looked fake and did not satisfy my standard for the intense action that should have been there.

Though this movie was a flop, I almost enjoyed it because I ended up laughing at the attempts at the special effects, stunts, plot unification, and acting. The entire movie was characterized by the weather in the fictional town of Forks: dull, gray, and boring. I would not recommend this to anyone because of the terrible acting, horrible and choppy plot, and the ridiculous special effects. This movie left me with a pessimistic attitude toward the Twilight saga movies that are scheduled to be released in the future.

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