Friday, June 25, 2010

You Got Sparkles in My Mouth!!

 So today we had the final performance of the week. They did 3 scenes from Alice in Wonderland and then the entire Wizard of Oz play. We had two girls this week who were not only best friends, but also amazing actresses. Erin played Dorothy and the Mad Hatter and she was absolutely amazingly talented as well as one of the sweetest girls who has come through the camp. And then there was Kate, my "favorite camper" who was with me last year during the 3 week camp when we did Willy Wonka (and of course, she has already proven to be awesome). During the performance, everything went smoothly except for a missed cue by the Good Witch of the South (which was brilliantly saved by Kate when she improvised some lines and then went and got her).

Oh, and remember Jennifer?? I forgot to mention that Wednesday, she was trying to memorize her lines at pick up and then she started talking to herself, saying "I'm never going to memorize these lines!" and stuff like that. So I reassured her that she could indeed memorize her lines and told her that she had a great mind. Then she threw her script down and started whining so I sent in some of the older girls to encourage her. This was a really bad call on my part, because she of course ate the attention right up and said that she was quitting drama camp and she was stupid and she started "crying" (and while she was, she kept peeking to see if we were watching her. I then called off my backup and she started kicking a tree and muttering "I'm quitting drama camp!!". Well, despite her multiple threats to "quit drama camp", her hissy fits, and her slightly annoying personality, she actually pulled through for us. And she also decided to work with Rosina at her studio during the school year. Good luck with that...

 Before the show, we were spraying some hairspray with sparkles in it on the kids and their costumes. Abby and I had a sparkle spray fight and I definitely won by successfully aiming and shooting some into her mouth. She tried to return my amazing shot by getting some in my eyes but she ended up getting it all in my hair and on the side of my face. Ha! Win. Next week is going to be hard because my two partners in crime- Beth and Abby- are going on vacation. So it will just be Sam, me, and possibly Logan- Rosina's son. It will be hard trying to do everything backstage by myself, but I did do it alone before so I guess I will be able to pull it off.

* As a side note about the weather, I just wanted to acknowledge that it has been extremely HOT here for the past two weeks. When I come home from camp, I have to change my clothes and then just lay on my bed with my fan on for at least 10 minutes. Yesterday it got up into the high 90's! Right now, it's 8:10 and the temp outside is 90 degrees, feels like 97. The forecast says it's supposed to rain Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so hopefully the rain will cool things down.

Tomorrow, I think we might be going to see Toy Story 3. Have you seen it yet? I heard it was a satisfying end to a great set of movies.

Stay cool!

No, seriously.

You might have have a heat stroke and then die.

Or get dehydrated.

Drink some water. Stay inside.

Save yourself.


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