Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please Keep All Articles of Clothing on at All Times

So drama camp for the past 2 weeks has been crazier than any other year. So far, week 1 was the best (probably because we only had one boy!). The kids were awesome and they all did an amazing job on their performances. Week 2 was crazy!! We had four boys who went nuts! One of the boys punched another in the face, I'm pretty sure they all had ADD, they had a slap fight with their hats, one of them called a girl fat multiple times, they didn't listen to instructions, AND to top it all of, we had a 'drama king' kid who thought that everything revolved around him. It was ridiculously insane!

This week, we have a girl named Jennifer who is crazy... she is very spoiled and causes trouble every time I turn around. We also have a kid named John who must like to take off his clothes. The first incident was when they were doing an exercise called 3 Changes. Partners turn their back to each other and change one thing about themselves (like untying a shoe lace or tucking in their shirt and then they face each other and try to figure out what they changed. Well of course, John and Jennifer were partners and while she undid her ponytail, he took his shoes off. The second time, he took his shirt off. So we made him put it back on. And then the third time, he dropped his pants and happened to not be wearing anything underneath. So we all were like "put your pants back on!!" and he finally did. Then later when we went swimming, we were telling the kids to go up to the bathroom to change and then meet back in the theater. And John stood up and pulled his pants down. So I ran over there, threw a towel at him, and I was like "What are you doing?!? Pull your pants up!" and he goes "I'm changing into my swim trunks!". And then I informed him that he most certainly would not be changing in front of everyone and I made him go up to the restroom.

Kids these days just need to learn to keep their clothes on.


  1. haha the nudity is not funny, but how comfortable the dude is with his naked self in public is weird... and somehow funny

  2. omg jennifer, "i hate you tree!" and "I have an amazing singing voice!" haha. its so hard to get the soldiers in line 4 the wizard scene!!! ughhh

  3. haha i love how she started kicking the tree!!

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