Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reflection Number One

I have decided to follow through on my commitment to blogging this week, so I am going to share my latest reflective essay with you, one paragraph at a time. So here we go... EIGHT DAYS of reflective insight. Enjoy!

Reflection Number One:

I am a Rubix cube. This metaphor is not meant to lead one to believe that I am an individual with many hypocritical faces; I am not. I simply have a multidimensional personality. Much like a Rubix cube, those who possess simple minds are immediately attracted to my bright colors, but are just as soon repulsed by my complexity. No, this does not mean that I am a weird kid with no friends. In fact, this attribute that I bear is very efficient at weeding the fake people out of my life with whom I do not need to associate myself. My close friends often tell me that I am a fun person to be around because, as you will soon discover, my witty approach to life is utterly hilarious.


  1. hahaha its great! lol and smithey would be proud. :)

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