Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reflection Numbers Two and Three

Reflection Number Two:

I love rainy days in the summer. Watching the steam rise from the road as the cool rain meets the scorching pavement is magnificently enchanting. I especially love thunderstorms. Exhilaration consumes me when I am surrounded by thunder so powerful that the ground shakes while a deluge of rain drums and pounds relentlessly against the roof. My favorite part of storms is the serenity that arrives after the clouds have cleared. When the burning heat of summer begins to take its toll, a cleansing rain always comes along to refresh my spirit.

Reflection Number Three:
        I believe that people with Mohawks have low self-esteem. The vast majority of those with radical hairstyles are not regarded by society as artistic, but instead they seem to be emitting a deafening cry for help and a desperate plea for attention. I believe that all people who have to beg for attention in such away are pathetic. If one was to examine a group of people who all do crazy things to get others to notice them, he would most likely find that such people actually showed signs of dependency, idiocy, and all around weak personalities from the get go. I have resolved to never invest my time into people who possess these qualities.

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